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MPN: GMC-500
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GQ GMC-500 is a new generation Geiger Counter from GQ Electronics. It can log the data to the server via the built-in wireless WiFi connection and internal memory at the same time.

Free online history unlimited data storage and Geiger Counter Wold Map service. Get the reading from anywhere of across the world. Software submits the data every minute. It is time to get this monitoring instrument.

Real-time testing evaluation, scientific testing on a sample like : Building Material, Hospital Radiation Therapy Monitoring for Cancer, Food, Water, Indoor/outdoor, X-Ray, and more...

Real-time Graphic, Text and Large Font mode(Record radiation data and Play it back later)

This is a ready-to-go set. Everything included. No any adjustment needed.

Place it anywhere and then read the data.

The GQ GMC-500 digital Geiger Counter is an enhanced model of all previous models. It added new features, such as WiFi connectivity on board, user-defined website wireless data logging to the server, new graphics UI, feature expend interface etc.

Some pictures here may be taken from a GMC-320, GMC-300 model, but GMC-500 has same features on it.

It is designed to be a portable and convenient device. The device comes with built-in audible and visual signals for the level of radiation detected. It can be used for radiation detection and monitoring both indoor and outdoor, as well as in other similar environments. It features automatic data recording. It can continually monitor the radiation and log the data each second into internal memory. When connected to a PC, the software can download the radiation history data to the computer and the user is able to analyze those data later.

The device is equipped with a USB port, utilized for communication and external power supply/charging of the internal rechargeable battery.

The GQ GMC-500 internal rechargeable battery can be charged with a standard USB charger/computer USB port or any other device with USB port. Using USB power, continuous data monitoring is possible. Using either power adapter you will not have to worry about the batteries charge condition or any data loss.

The software newly added Geiger Counter World Map connectivity. It allows users to store the reading data via the internet to the server. Users are able to retrieve the history data any time, anywhere in the world. The service is free to GQ GMC users with unlimited history data storage space.

The main board also has a real time clock on board for time-related data logging purposes.

The USB port communicates with the GQ GMC-500 demo software and the GQ Geiger Counter Data Viewer software.

The GQ GMC-500 demo software is a 1:1 to actual GMC-500 unit. Its appearance is an exact copy of the GMC-500 hardware human interface. You can download it for free and experience the GMC-500 user interface before you purchase the real hardware.

The GQ Geiger Counter Data Viewer software can download the time-stamped radiation (history) data from the unit and save it on a computer for future references and analysis.

For professional data logging of radiation data, the GQ Geiger Counter Data Viewer(Logger) may be downloaded for free. An even more advanced version, the GQ Geiger Counter Data Logger PRO software may be purchased at low cost from GQ Electronics LLC.

The GQ data viewer software can 
also be used as real-time data monitor. users are able to save the real-time data into Excel .csv text format, HTML file format etc.

GQ GMC-500 provides open GQ RFC1201 communication protocol for easier system integration.
1x GQ GMC-500
1x USB cable 
1x Quick start guide 
Download link for USB driver and software on Windows 32 and 64 bits
Download link for complete User Guide in pdf format
Designed / developed by GQ Electronics LLC USA
Please Be Aware lots of other sellers on the internet are fake, only we in the UK are authorised to sell these,
Canada and USA are also ok but please check your buying from GQ Electronics, or MCUmall.



  • Radiation Detection: Beta, Gamma and X-Ray .
  • Detection Dose Range: 0 ~ 4250uSv/h
  • Detection CPM Range: 0 ~ 655350 CPM
  • Detectable Energy Range: 0.1~3.0 MeV
  • Own Background: 0,2 Pulses/s
  • Working Voltage: 3.2-4.0V
  • LCD Display: Dot matrix with back light
  • Working power: 0.045W - 0.2W
  • Power: 3.6V/3.7V battery / USB power

The following CPM data is measured by GMC-500:
CPM reading
Public park granite table
Uranium glass bead 238U
Uranium ore 238U
Standard 5uCi radioactive source

Main features:
  • Small, portable hand-held
  • Audio and visual indication for nuclear radiation detections.
  • Dot matrix LCD digital display model with backlight.
  • USB Data port for connection with computer/PC/laptop GQ Soft Geiger Counter software
  • Battery charging feature for charging the internal battery.
  • USB DC input port for external power input, so that continuous monitoring become possible.
  • The powerfull counter circuit is capable of handling high CPM counting.
  • Hign sensitivity tube M4011 installed (user can remove this tube install other tubes if needed)
  • the built-in battery charging circuit
  • On-board real-time clock
  • On-board electronic gyroscope
  • Once megabytes on-board flash memory for history data recordings
  • on-board speaker.
  • Accepts both rechargeable and non-rechargeable 3.6V/3.7V battery
  • DC power adapter operation
  • Dimension: 5'x2.85'x1' 
  • Text mode provides maximum data information. eg. CPM, Date, Time, Elapsed time, uSv/h, mR/h etc.
  • Real-time graphic mode provide visualized real-time radiation changes, so that much easier to observe the data changes. Italso display the CPM rate at the same time. In Graphic mode, the ZOOM feature let users to see from lowest to highest graph onscreen.
  • Back light Control to set the back light ON, OFF and timeout. So that to save the power.
  • Battery charging and battery level indicator.
  • Battery type selectable in software.For rechargeable or non rechargeable
  • Speaker ON/OFF control.
  • Alarm setting. It sets the alarm ON/OFF, alarm type, alarm level.
  • Date time set the real-time clock.
  • Swivel display setting. Auto 180 degree swivel display provides a convenience reading when unit upside down.
  • Three points calibration. For CPM to uSv/h and mR/h conversion
  • Power saving mode let unit keep running at minimum power.
  • Data saving mode selection. let unit record data every second/minute/hour. Up to 7 days of history data
  • History data searching
  • Variable serial communication baud rate
  • and more....



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