As many would of found out very recently, channels in Kodi are being blocked by Internet Suppliers, not all channels are blocked though it seems only live games at the moment. You can use 'TV Tap'  app in amazon/apps, currently these are not being blocked and work very good, until we update kodi with channels that are not being blocked.
Now.. you can use a VPN to divert the stream request through a proxy server which hides its origin from the internet suppliers and wont be blocked, there are some expensive VPN's out there but we use DigiBit VPN which is relatively low cost, and at just a few ££ per month its very affordable. This is not a Contract you can have one month or many months its up to yourself.
We have no affiliation with Digibit Design VPN Company we just use it because its low cost, fast and reliable.
From 26/08/18 we started installing VPN software on all fire devices, so if you want to use a vpn and purchased your fire device after this date then all you need to do is enter your details into the VPN software (once you have purchased your VPN Service) in amazon/apps/Digibit VPN  you can also watch the video we made on YouTube at the below link.
If you purchased your fire device before the above date then please watch the video for how to install the vpn software.
YouTube Link:
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